Sunday, August 11, 2013

I know that no one cares...

Professor of Occultism and Demonology - an image by Denis Kozlov

...But I just started another project

It is a blog intended to be covering my professional interests like computer graphics and art education. It’s going to serve as my homepage for a while either, redirecting from and showcasing some imagery I am doing both as an artist and a professional. I guess that's why they call me, They call me the workin' man...

So now, after quoting Rush, I am glad to announce that The List of Recommended Rock Albums (which I still consider the principal part of my attempts to be useful here) just got updated. More than doubled in length, to be precise. It started becoming biased in a sense that some bands are receiving notably more coverage than the others, which I was initially trying to avoid. However, there are reasons for such disbalance and if a record feels worth marking as a gem - I believe it should be. On the other hand again, listing the complete discographies even for the greatest artists doesn’t feel right either -
thus I’m rather trying to pick a representative album for a certain period in such cases.

Anyway, there was never a claim for justice or objectiveness neither for the rock music picks I am posting here, nor for the Universe in general - so let it live till the next edit. Let me know.

An Umbrella - image by Denis Kozlov
An Umbrella
French Horn - an image by Denis Kozlov
French Horn

Thank you for your attention:)
Chances are, next time I’ll be writing on Jethro Tull.

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