Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Led Zeppelin II, 1969

Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin II album cover, 1969
01 - Whole Lotta Love
02 - What Is and What Should Never Be
03 - The Lemon Song
04 - Thank You
05 - Heartbreaker
06 - Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman)
07 - Ramble On
08 - Moby Dick
09 - Bring It On Home
It's probably the time to stop apologizing for the irregularity of these posts – they happen when they happen, so - to the topic:

Clearly I'm not going to say anything new on this. Led Zeppelin is a milestone in the history of music. I've just made a quick check and it didn't come as a big surprise that every single track of their nine studio albums has its own article on Wikipedia. They are the ultimate rock band from the debut album's cover to the disbanding after John Bonham's death. In every little bit.

Between myself and me, I mark three distinct sections within their discography – a 3 albums each, chronologically. This first group (conveniently numbered) is the youngest and the fastest and could be as well represented by any other record on The List – but let it be LZII. Maybe I chose this particular album because of the strange attractiveness of its cult opening track, or maybe due to the perfect balance of fast and gentle pieces, or maybe for that transition from Heartbreaker to Living Loving Maid, or for the quote from the times when Hollywood still knew how to make movies...

Being as well their most accessible batch to listen in my humble opinion, all three first Zeppelins are a single phenomenon which I don't think anyone can afford to miss. It is life itself, bottled into the disc's sleeve. Vibrant, breathing and running out of breath; yelling, screaming and whispering. Recall it, feel it, press play.

Gotta go now – time to ramble on. The usual links worth of exploration below

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And something special the next time.